About Us

About Us

Hotelobox.com – India’s first Experts for International Hotels!

In an ever growing online travel space in India where every player is expert of all, we focus on International Hotels with concierge level service. We provide a curated selection of exceptional hotels worldwide and best-in-class service to discerning travellers. We establish a committed relationship with our carefully selected hotel partners, ensuring that they offer you the best. Established in 2015, today Hotelobox.com provides online booking for over 500,000 hotels worldwide.

Our Approach

In a service business, we know that without dedicated, talented and thoughtful people, we cannot be the firm we aspire to be. Our mission is to provide a seamless user experience and savings on our platform backed by cutting edge technology. From travel advice to help during the stay, there is always someone there to help. Importantly, we’re also recommended by 97% of our customers.

Rockstar Team

Our core team has combined experience of over 50 years with worlds top travel and technology brands such as Expedia, Hotels.com, Ebookers.com, Travix, McAfee, Fidelity and many more.